Coming Soon!  "Into the Deep," By Bethany Murdock.

“Into the Deep,is a book that I believe has the ability to ignite a fire in the heart of every Christian to actually KNOW Jesus more and serve Him at a higher level.  If you want to know how to live out the life God has planned for you, a life beyond the salvation moment, this book is a must read for you! Bethany is able to draw spiritual truths from the scripture, while painting pictures from her own life and journey equipping the reader and giving practical tools to walk out their own relationship with Jesus!"

Christine Caine ​

Founder The A21 Campaign ​

“We were created through relationship and for relationship with God and others. Into the Deep lovingly and passionately invites the reader to a journey of profound intimacy with the Creator. As with any adventure, much like a ship launching into open waters, there are challenges and perhaps even fears to overcome, but also the joy of experiencing Him in new and unexpected ways. Bethany Murdock captures the heart of God, while calling the believer to a deeper trust and place of surrender. Harbors provide safety and comfort, but they are not what ships were built for.” 

Eric Scalise, Ph.D. ​

Vice President for Professional Development, the American Association of Christian Counselors“ ​

"I believe Bethany Murdock has a mix of pastoral gifting and leadership that is second to NONE.  What she can bring to an organization, a church, an individual, is absolutely incredible.”

Carl Lentz

International Speaker & Lead Pastor of Hillsong NYC ​

"If you’ve been standing on the shoreline, paralyzed by your fear and talking your way out of God’s calling, “Into The Deep” reminds us we serve a limitless God. A God who is ready to show us a destiny beyond what we can ask or imagine. Bethany shows us how to take those first steps into the great unknown. And, eventually, how to wade fearlessly into the deep waters of faith, freedom and absolute fulfillment in Jesus.” 

Paula Faris

ABC News Anchor/Correspondent 

Bethany Lentz Murdock, B.A., BCMCLC

Board Certified Master Life Coach

Bethany's reading recommendations: ​​

  • HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR LIFE - Brian C. Houston
  • Boundaries- Dr. Henry Cloud and John Townsend
  • IT WAS NEVER ABOUT THE KETCHUP, Lessons from the life of HJ Heinz - Steve Lentz
  • JESUS IS- Judah Smith
  • ANNONYMOUS- Alicia Britt Chole    
  • BREAKING FREE- Beth Moore 
  • RUTHLESS TRUST - Brennan Manning
  • REVEALING JESUS - Darlene Zschech
  • EXTRAVAGANT WORSHIP - Darlene Zschech
  • NECESSARY ENDINGS- Dr. Henry Cloud
  • SAFE PEOPLE - Henry Cloud & John Townsend